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Sex is delicious if we know how to practice it properly.  Sometimes, we usually enjoy it, but not enough. We can still get the most out of it for both us and the other boy. There are a series of guidelines that you should know and with which next time you will feel that you are stuck in the meritita banner flag of pleasure.

It is only about some recommendations. So if you know more, do not hesitate to put them into practice and comment below so that we all learn something different and next time we will have a great time. Sex is richer when we know what we do and how we do it.

Forget stereotypes

If both believe that the one who penetrates is more macho and the one who receives more effeminate, they will never enjoy it. Neither the passive kid should give up the initiative nor should the active be the dominant absolute. Changing roles makes sex much more pleasant. Thanks to this change they can discover corners in their body that resent pleasure more than others. Now the find the best of Gay Tinder Sex Date with the perfect apps.

They will have so many sensations that they will not be able to handle them

If you have always preferred to be passive then it is time for you to find someone who likes changing roles. As we have said, it is about discovering new sensations, forgetting about prejudices and just loving ourselves under the sheets. Playing with your fingers, or even sex toys, can help too much if it becomes soft, slowly, as if feeling the ground, and thus warm the boiler before going to bathe. In case you do use toys, take into account that these must be smooth and rounded to avoid fissures; also, do not forget the lubricant and most importantly, the calm and the romp.

Another tip that helps to warm up is to caress the prostate, which can be accessed by inserting a finger in the anus and go little by little. With the tip of the finger circles should already be made inside as if it were a drill, but slowly, all with great care and respect. If the boy wants it, exert more pressure without forgetting the lubrication.

Hygiene is important

The anus is not physiologically conditioned for the sexual act, since its function (at least in the physiological plane) is to give way to the fecal matter and waste of our body. This involves the production and loading of hundreds of microorganisms and bacteria whose contact can cause infections.

Always, always, always use a condom

There is no condom that does not help in this. And not only by the contact with the excrement, but by the bleeding caused by the microcracks that occur during penetration. By not using a condom or using it in an irresponsible way, there is a greater risk of blood contamination with blood, so that Sexually Transmitted Diseases have their doors open to do theirs.

Change positions

Be creative As long as you have time, desire and desire, the world out there does not exist for you. Experiment, explore, and be willing to want it as if it were the last time you do it.


Before you start, talk to your boy to find out what he likes and what he hates, and if both are willing to have anal sex. This is the moment when they can propose an exchange of roles and thus enjoy between the two of one of the greatest moments of their lives.